450R-Mercury Racing Outboard Motor

The New Mercury Racing 450R – Is all the Hype True?

High performance has turned over another page with the arrival of the supercharged 450R. OUTERENVY presents a complete review of this brand-new outboard with everything you need to know.

We have all been reading the stories of the different boats Mercury rigged and some of the performance numbers. SeaRays, Cigarettes, Race Cats and more. Everything sounds amazing and we all can nott wait to hear more. We know some locals that tested a triple engine 36’ yellowfin that was running over 80 mph w a full crew!  Well it has arrived, although getting your hands on one will not be easy.

Engineers back at Mercury Racing developed a different, yet exclusively powerful engine which can burst off with seat pinning torque. The 450R has an unmatched supercharged boost within the all new 4.6-liter V8 four-stroke powerhead. The outboard is a leaps and bounds, better than its competitors in the “plus” 400hp world, including its own Verado 400R. The engine produces 450 Prop shaft horsepower, while running on higher torque (Above 40 percent) than its previous design the powerful “400R”.


The product is enabled with reliability alongside latest and ultimately customized outboard packages with:

  • Advanced Midsection (AMS)
  • Racing Gear Case
  • Control Systems
  • Optional Tie bar

Other options are available according to the buyer’s choice with no compromise on the performance. Now the users can run a powerful, advanced technology, on typical 89 pump fuel. This means that the 450R performs outstanding results, on the 89 octane, making it more economical than ever before. We can wait to hear about ECU mods running on 93 octane. We think 500hp is knocking on the door already…

Exquisite Engineering and Supercharging

450R is a result of truly exceptional and astonishing work. For maintaining peak performance, mercury racing installed a boost bypass valve, which automatically adjusts boost pressure from maximum burst in ambient conditions. To increase power and reduce the intake charge, the supercharger is injected with a water-cooled system. For an instant throttle response, a twin-screw, belt driven supercharger, delivers zero percent lag. This makes the throttle generate output without even a single second of delay. 450R has the same Slim-line cowl which was introduced in the 300R but the engineers have involved a higher flow intake vents. This provides the Monster to suck in all the atmosphere in desires. And how about the unique “silent choice” feature?  Yes, you can hit a switch and go to quite operation. And once you’re ready to blast off, just flip it back. Now that just cool stuff.

Advanced Midsection (AMS) demonstrates high-quality stainless-steel plates engineered for handling in enhanced high-speed. AMS insures the running quality of the powerhouse to be smooth and without any excessive movement.  Another “wow” feature includes the availability of 115 amps Alternator. Whenever the battery management system senses low battery power it turns on the 115 amps alternator to make the engine stable until the low power batteries are completely re-charged.

Outstanding Power to weight ratio

The goal was to achieve maximum horsepower with minimal weight. Mercury Racing craftsmen focused every aspect of the machinery and crafted each particle of 450R outboard with perfection. By applying the minimal weight strategy, it had to bring out something fantastic and it did. 450R provides outstanding power to weight ratio. Also, the Wide-open throttle (WOT) operating range is a plus factor giving extendable throttle ranging from 5800-6400 RPM.

Fascinating Technological Advancements

The 450R has much technological advancement but the most amazing and extraordinary features turn out to be the ‘Mercury Transient Spark Technology’. Mercury Transient Spark is used to control torque output for the sole purpose of stronger Performance. Coupled with Mercury’s “Vessel view”, enables the user to have an eye on the system’s information and Engine data. It can monitor the RPM, fuel flow, fuel efficiency, temperature, speed, and much other coverage as well. Joystick Piloting for Outboards also referred to as JPO is an optional feature in the motor. Its Other Features include:

  • Idle Charge
  • Adaptive Speed Control
  • Marine Digital Control System

General Specifications:

Affordability (2 out of 5)

The Supercharged Mercury 450R Outboard Engine ranges from $54,000 to $64,000. This is a very expensive piece of hardware that is not within reach of most of the boating public. Not everyone gets to drive a Ferrari!

Durability (5 out of 5)

Remember the days of the new 350SC Verado? A one-year warranty and it could only run on 93 octane. Mercury stands behind this new machine with a factory warranty of three years and an available five year extended. Everyone makes their claim about how one manufacturer has too many issues. An another is much better. The simple truth is they all have their issues. All these new outboards are so advanced, it is impossible to do enough testing to provide a completely trouble-free engine. So, no need for finger pointing. Just buy with confidence and if there’s an issue you have a great warranty behind you.

Power (5 Out of 5)

The Supercharged 450R features a 4.6-liter V8 Four-Stroke powerhead. This is a monstrous piece of equipment that can provide extreme power for some new speed records or just a little faster run out to that offshore fishing hole.

Fuel Economy (3 out of 5)

Mercury 450R runs on 89 Pump gas, found at almost all Marinas. It generates very good  fuel economy, based on initial tests we have seen. We cannot, however, give it above than 3 at this point because it is too new to the market and needs more testing. But we are hearing some really good numbers.

Ease of Maintenance (4 out of 5)

The oil check access (dipstick) is conveniently placed on top of the cowl, under a well placed lid. The cowling (also shared with its new sister engines) has the most revolutionary removal handle we have ever seen. It makes removing the cowling a “non back wrenching” experience. For those of you that have removed these large HP engine cowlings before, you know what we are talking about. Hopefully Mercury has a patent on that!  Access for service is about as good as we have seen with most large displacement outboards

Weight (5 out of 5)

The weight of the outboard is 689 lbs ( as stated by Mercury), which is over 300 lbs under the new Yamaha V8 425 hp. While 689 lbs is no lightweight the fact its cranking out 450 hp, makes it all worthwhile.

So, is it worthy of all the hype?


Mercury has re-emerged as the leader of the pack, once again.

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