Boating experience has now turned over another tide with the arrival of the supercharged 450R. Outerenvy presents a complete review of the outboard product presenting everything you need to know before getting a hang of it.

Engineers back at Mercury Racing developed using authenticate techniques to produce a different yet exclusively powerful boating engine which can burst off between 40 to 70 knots within no time. 450R has a supercharged boost ratio with a 4.6-liter V8 four-stroke powerhead within Transient Spark. The outboard is a thousand times better than its recent competitor, giving exquisite facts and general options on the run. The engine produces a horsepower of 450 Propshaft while running on higher torque (Above 40 percent) than its previous design “The Powerful 400R”.

The product is enabled with reliability alongside latest and ultimately customized outboard packages with:

Advanced Midsection
Racing Gear Case
Control System

Other Stylings are customizable according to the buyer’s choice with no compromise on the performance. Now the users can run a powerful tech with the premium unleaded fuel. This means that the 450R readily performs fascinating results on the 95 RON Pump Fuel, making it much more economical than ever before.

Exquisite Engineering and Supercharged Outrage

450R is a result of truly exceptional and astonishing work. For maintaining peak performance and with supercharged outrage, mercury racing putted-in a boost bypass valve which automatically adjusts boost pressure from maximum burst to ambient conditions, isn’t it something which raises one’s eyelashes for a moment? To increase power and reduce the intake charge, the supercharger is injected with a water-cooled system. For an instant throttle response, a twin-screw containing 2.4-liter of belt-driven mechanism delivers zero percent lag. This makes the throttle generate output without even a single second of delay. 450R has the same Slim-line cowl which was introduced in the 300R but the engineers have involved a higher flow intake vents. This provides the engine with clear breathing air without rust and an unlimited supply of oxygen for the outboard.

Its Advanced Midsection demonstrates high-quality stainless-steel plates engineered for handling in enhanced high-speed. Another Wow feature includes the availability of 115 amps Alternator. Whenever the battery management system senses low battery power it turns on the 115 amps alternator to make the engine stable until the low power batteries are completely re-charged. Advanced Midsection insures the running quality of the machinery to be smooth and without any disturbing noise. In other words the technology is always running smooth and quiet with peaceful gestures.

Outstanding Power Density

The goal was to achieve maximum energy and power with minimal weightage. Mercury Racing craftsmen focused every aspect of the machinery and crafted each particle of 450R outboard with perfection. By applying the minimal weightage strategy, it had to bring out something fantastic and it did. 450R provides outstanding power density i-e a horsepower of 450 from an outboard which only weighs 313 kg. Also, the Wide-open throttle (WOT) operating range is a plus factor giving extendable throttle ranging from 5800-6400 RPM. Wide-open throttle gives a boost on the go, putting your eyes behind your head.

Fascinating Technological Advancements

The 450R has much technological advancement but the most amazing and extraordinary features turn out to be the ‘Mercury Transient Spark Technology’, ‘Mercury Vesselview’, and ‘Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO)’. Mercury Transient Spark is used to control torque output for the sole purpose of stronger Performance. Mercury Vesselview, on the other hand, enables the user to have an eye on the system’s information and Engine data. It can monitor the RPM, fuel flow, fuel efficiency, temperature, speed, and much other coverage as well. Joystick Piloting for Outboards also referred to as JPO is an optional feature in the motor. Its Other Features include:

Idle Charge
Adaptive Speed Control
Marine Digital Control System

Racing Propellers on the Go!

Best propellers in the market, making the motor running on full capacity with racing intentions. These propellers maximize boat performance. Every propeller is customized by specialized artisans. Better the quality-oriented propeller; the better will be the performance of the boat.

General Specifications:

1. Affordability (2 out of 5)
The Supercharged Mercury 450R Outboard Engine ranges from $54,000 to $64,000. This is a very expensive piece of hardware that is yet not affordable by most of the boating people. There are many other Boat lovers who want to pick up the pace and explore something new, they are the ones which buy such expensive machinery. So, if you can afford this high price and are not bothered with it then definitely try it.

2.  Durability (5 out of 5)
The machinery is durable. It is fascinating in terms of durability, other than that, the mercury 450R is backup with a factory warranty of three years and also a corrosion warranty of 3 years as well. “The reliability to go Wide Open, all day.”

3.     Power (4 Out of 5)
The Supercharged 450R features a 4.6-liter V8 Four-Stroke powerhead. This is a monstrous piece of equipment that can provide extreme power output for speeding up in different knots in seconds.

4.     Quietness (5 out of 5)
Advanced Midsection is specialized with silencer capabilities. It ensures that the machine runs smooth and quiet at all costs.

5. Fuel Economy (3 out of 5)
Mercury 450R runs on a 95 RON Fuel Pump. It generates an average amount of fuel economy. We cannot, however, give it above than 3 because the engine has a powerful output and generates more power than other Outboard engines in the market.

6.  Ease of Maintenance (4 out of 5)
 The propellers and Midsection are engineered with Stainless-steel plates. Yes, there will be some maintenance for the machine but it will not take much effort. The engine has an electronic system injected in it that shows when to change the oil and other properties as well.

7. Weight (3 out of 5)
The weight of the outboard is 313 kg which is quite satisfactory as compared to the other outboards available for purchasing.

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2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors – The New and Improved Boater’s Guide
2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboard motors infographic

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors – The New and Improved Boater’s Guide

2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboard motors – which are better? This is an age old debate that has spanned throughout the decades. 2 stroke engines were once notorious for being loud, heavy on fumes and somewhat off-putting to other motorists running their smooth 4 strokes. Yet, many 2 stroke owners took pride in their powerful engines that could quickly propel them from one sandbar (or fishing spot) to the next.

However, in modern times – the lines have blurred. The gap between 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboard motors is beginning to close. That being said, there are still differences between the two. It is important to consider the pros and cons to each while taking personal preference and boating style into consideration.

Let’s start by taking a look at how these two motors function.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Function

2 Stroke Outboard Motor Function

According to Wikipedia,

A two-stroke (or two-cycle) engine is a type of internal combustion engine which completes a power cycle with two strokes (up and down movements) of the piston during only one crankshaft revolution. This is in contrast to a “four-stroke engine“, which requires four strokes of the piston to complete a power cycle during two crankshaft revolutions. In a two-stroke engine, the end of the combustion stroke and the beginning of the compression stroke happen simultaneously, with the intake and exhaust (or scavenging) functions occurring at the same time.


So what does this mean and why does it matter?

2 Stroke Engine ani - 2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors - The New and Improved Boater's Guide

In a 2 stroke outboard motor, two strokes complete one combustion cycle in two strokes as opposed to four. This is a fairly minimalist cycle that results in a whole lot of power in a short amount of time. Simple, affordable maintenance is another factor that weighs in due this motor’s basic functionality. While 2 stroke outboard motors are typically not maintenance free, maintenance is fairly cheap and easy to fix when issues arise.

4 Stroke Outboard Motor Function

A four-stroke outboard motor is known as an internal combustion engine (or IC) where four separate strokes of the piston turn the crankshaft in order to complete a single cycle. These four phases are known as:

  1. Intake
  2. Compression
  3. Combustion
  4. Exhaust
4StrokeEngine Ortho 3D Small - 2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors - The New and Improved Boater's Guide

How does this functionality impact the way a 4 stroke outboard runs? Because there are more steps, moving parts and pieces in order to complete a single combustion cycle, 4 stroke outboards are arguably more complicated than 2 stroke outboards. Thus, they tend to be heavier and more costly to fix. However, 4 stroke outboard functionality is known to be more reliable overall.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Comparison

How do 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboard motors measure up when it comes to features? We put together this handy little infographic that helps break it down for you.

2 stroke vs 4 stroke outboard motors infographic 2 804x1024 - 2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors - The New and Improved Boater's Guide
2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke Outboard Motors Infographic
Does a 2 stroke outboard motor or 4 stroke outboard motor cost more?

2 stroke outboard motors are known to be more affordable than 4 stroke outboard motors. However, the make and model of your outboard will weigh in heavily to the price factor.

Which is more durable and reliable; a 2 stroke outboard motor or a 4 stroke outboard motor?

4 stroke outboard motors are rich with features and functionality intended to keep them running for longer periods of time. A 2 stroke motor’s combustion cycle is faster, running at higher RPMs. Thus, they typically have a shorter life-cycle. 4 stroke outboard motors typically stand the test of time and offer greater reliability.

Which is more powerful and faster; a 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

A 2 stroke outboard motor has a faster pick-up speed than a 4 stroke. However, once running, both offer speed and power. The make and model of your outboard motor will be the biggest determining factor as to how fast your motor can run.

Which is quieter; a 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

A 4 stroke outboard motor is much quieter at idle. While running, 4 strokes still tend to be quieter but depending upon the manufacturer, some 2 strokes compare to 4 stroke noise level while running.

Is a 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor better on gas?

4 stroke outboard motors are on average, slightly more fuel efficient. While this can vary upon the manufacturer, 4 stroke outboard motors are designed to get better mileage and release fewer fuel emissions. At the same time, 2 stroke designs are not far behind. 2 stroke manufacturers are closing in on that as well. As a result, the gap is beginning to close.

Which offers easier maintenance; a 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

Due to it’s simplicity, a 2 stroke motor is easier and more affordable to maintain. 4 stroke outboard motors typically require maintenance more frequently which can be costly.

Which is lighter; a 2 stroke or 4 stroke outboard motor?

On average, 2 stroke outboard motors are lighter than 4 stroke outboard motors. 2 stroke outboard motors have fewer parts and moving pieces than 4 stroke motors. For this reason, they tend to be lightweight.

Today, there are numerous changes and improvements taking place in outboard motor manufacturing and design. Over time, expect to see lighter weight 4 stroke outboard motors, 2 stroke outboard motors made with even greater fuel economy in mind and improved reliability across the board.

Here are a few important factors to consider.

  • Boating style: Do you like to cruise and enjoy the scenery or do you like a boat that can pickup and go? If you want shorter bursts of power, a 2 stroke will probably be your pick.
  • Affordability: Again, pricing varies greatly depending upon make and model. However, you will likely discover that 2 stroke motors are, on average, more affordable. If you don’t mind a motor that runs louder and tends to use up fuel slightly faster, you may veer towards a 2 stroke outboard motor.
  • Durability: Looking for an outboard motor that will last for many years down the road? 4 stroke outboard motors are well-known for their durability and reliability.
  • Fuel and Environmental Impact: If pollution and fuel emissions are major concerns for you, a 4 stroke outboard motor is your best bet. That being said, 2 stroke outboard motor manufacturers are making improvements in this arena.
  • Noise Level: Are you looking for a motor that idles in silence? Or, do you enjoy a roaring engine? When it comes to noise level, 4 stroke outboard engines tend to be quieter.
  • Maintenance: If you are mechanically inclined, you will probably be able to keep up on 2 stroke motor maintenance yourself. 4 stroke motors typically require the help of a professional – and repairs can be pricey.
  • Engine Weight: Are you looking to fly like a bird gliding over the surface of the water? If so, a 2 stroke motor will probably make you quite happy due to it’s lightweight design.

Well, that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that we’ve provided some useful information as you continue to research the outboard engine type that works best for you and your personal boating style. To summarize, 2 stroke motors and 4 stroke motors each offer their own unique benefits as well as drawbacks.

Now…on to you! Is there anything we’ve missed here? Anything you would like to add that you would consider an important factor for our readers looking to make a decision? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and thanks for tuning in!

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