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Questions & Answers


Q. Do the covers impact any performance of my engine?

A. Absolutely not! They are designed to follow the contours and air intake vents of your engine’s manufacturer.

Q. I have seen other vented motor covers before, so how are these different?

A. Great question. One perfect answer: They are hands down, the best-looking covers on the market. The other vented covers on the market, all look the same. Just like your Dad’s old storage cover or your BBQ grill cover. Our mission is not to compete with those covers. We are unique so you can be unique.

Q. Are they difficult to install or remove?

A. Not at all. They install and remove in seconds. Check out our installation instructions.

Q. Will they interfere with the water stream on my engine?

A. Nope. They are all designed to allow the proper “tell-tale” streams and exhaust outlets. 

Q. Will the materials hold up to the elements?

A. Our premium covers are designed for awesome looks and are usable while underway or just hanging out. While they provide great protection from the elements, they are not really a long-term storage cover. They will withstand the elements for some time but if you’re looking for a storage cover, we recommend a heavy-duty canvas type product.
Think of this product statement cover, not a storage cover.

Q. Can this cover blow off the motor while we are running at high speeds?

A. While our covers are not designed for racing applications, they have been tested at speeds over 80mph. They are very snug fitting and are secured tightly, with a high strength nylon strap and side release buckle. This also makes it safe for trailering at highway speeds.