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1. Be sure your engine cowling is clean.

2. Make sure the draw strap is fully extended with the clasps, at their sewn ends.

3. Slide the cover over your cowling. Once it has been pulled down most of the way, connect the clasp around the engines wiring harness / control cable raceway. The front center seam, of the Outer Envy cover, should be in the center of the engine cowling. Now begin to draw down on the strap. The cover may seem too small but that is part of the custom design.

4. On engines with cut outs for exhaust ports (Verado, Yamaha V8) make sure the holes align and wrap around the plastic edge of the ports. On Verado L6 only, make sure the bottom of the cover grabs into the gap below the bottom of the exhaust port and bottom cowl base plate.

5. Continue to fit / adjust the cover until the seam lines are placed evenly and the mesh vents(s) are aligned with the engine cowling vents. The cover should curl under the front of the cowling base plate just a little bit. Once it is in place give a final tug on the strap and tuck excess strap, under the Outer Envy cover. Do not over tighten, as this will cause premature stretch in the cover.

6. A properly installed cover will look custom fit, with just a few minor wrinkles. Be sure to check that the cover is placed properly, the air intake vents are lined up with the mesh openings in the Outer Envy cover and that the strap has not come loose, before each use.

7. If you wish to maintain the rich vibrant colors of your cover, do not leave on for extended periods in the sun. Also, the use of UV protectant sprays, may extend color vibrance as well.

Cover Maintenance

How to Extend the Life of Your Boat Cover

An Outboard Engine Cover is essential for protecting your vessel from the elements, but it also requires care to ensure it lasts as long as possible. One effective way to extend the life of your engine cover is by using UV protectant sprays, such as Scotchgard. Here’s a more detailed guide on how to maintain your boat cover:

Regular Cleaning

First and foremost, keep your engine cover clean. Dirt, mildew, and bird droppings can degrade the fabric over time. Regularly wash the cover with water and avoid harsh detergents that can strip away protective coatings.

Use UV Protectant Sprays

To further protect your outboard cover from UV damage, apply a UV protectant spray. Products like Scotchgard UV Protectant are specifically designed to shield fabrics from harmful UV rays. Follow the instructions on the spray for the best results:

1.Clean the Cover: Ensure the cover is clean and dry before application.

2.Apply the Spray: Evenly spray the protectant over the entire surface of the cover. Focus on areas that receive the most sunlight exposure. The spray can be applied multiple times. 

3.Let It Dry: Allow the cover to dry completely before putting it back on your boat or storing it.

Secure the Cover Properly

Ensure your outboard cover is securely fastened when in use. Loose covers can flap in the wind, causing wear and tear. Use the strap to keep it snug and prevent it from shifting.

By following these steps and using products like UV protectant sprays, you can significantly extend the life of your engine cover, ensuring your engine stays protected.

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